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Wondering how much battery life your iPhone or iPod touch has?

BattPowr shows you the current percentage of battery life left on your device. Quickly view your remaining charge thru the large visual indicator.

BattPowr also checks your device type and calculates the remaining hours and minutes for each different use, including: audio playback, video playback, web browsing on Wi-Fi, EDGE and 3G, as well as talk time on both 2G and 3G networks.

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BattPowr Pro - Accurate Battery App

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Your reference to all 461 Japanese Emoji icons available on the iPhone or iPod touch. If you are not sure what does # mean, then look it up in XEmoji!

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XEmoji - Emoji Keyboard Reference

iType2Go is the revolutionary new iPhone app that lets you see what's in front of you and your surroundings while you type and walk.

iType2Go puts the camera's view directly beneath the message that you are composing, giving you enough visual aid to help you avoid obstacles -- things like walking face first into a lamp post!

iType2Go is also the only app of its kind to feature a landscape keyboard. Simply turn the device sideways whenever you need a larger keyboard.

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iType2Go - Update Facebook/Twitter While Walking!

Ųƥdąţę ƴǫųŗ Ƒąçęɓǫǫķ ąŋd Ţwįţţęŗ şţąţųş ɱęşşąɠęş wįţђ MUŁŦłPŁE şţƴɭęş!

Introducing Kaomoji, the *most* complete icon/styling app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Easily update your Facebook and Twitter status messages using the built-in easy to use icon and styling keyboard!

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Kaomoji - Ĕăšǐḽŷ create şţƴɭįşђ status update messages and post them EVEƦ¥₩ҤEƦE!

AppSwitch is the first iOS app of its kind that detects and displays all background processes, complete with actual names and icons. No more guessing around which app is running and which app is not.

“iOS4 gave us mutitasking - great. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what’s running in the background versus what’s the app you last used. This app solves that problem and more!”

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AppSwitch - the missing app that should have been in the box!

Quickly check your ClickBank affiliate/vendor sales activities and AdSense earnings using your iPhone or iPod touch. iMReports supports UNLIMITED number of ClickBank, ClickBank Master and AdSense accounts.

iMReports supports UNLIMITED number of both ClickBank and ClickBank Master accounts. Yes, iMReports is the first ever ClickBank-dedicated iPhone app that also supports the new ClickBank Master login.

iMReports is also the first ever app of its kind to make full use of the recently-released AdSense Management API. With that, iMReports makes it simpler, easier and more secure to access all your multiple account activities via a single login.

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iMReports - Check your internert marketing earnings from

the comfort of your iPhone or iPod touch!

Express yourself in fun, new creative ways using XEmoji for your Mac!

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XEmoji for Mac

Automatically adjust your screen brightness based on the current power source.

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iBrightness for Mac